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Mobi Cash

Mobi Cash is a convenient, secure, fast and affordable way  of storing and transferring money and making payments via the mobile terminal, that includes the following:

  • Mobile Wallet
    A secure store of money for mobile money transfers, mobile payments, cash in and cash out that uses the mobile phone and/or a bank card for using and accessing the mobile account.
  • Mobile Money Transfer
    A transfer of money from one user to another, domestic or international, via the mobile channel, including mobile to mobile, mobile to cash and cash to mobile transfers.
  • Cash In / Cash Out
    The deposit (cash in) and withdrawal (cash out) of money to / from the Mobile Wallet(account),normally via a registered agent, enabling mobile money services.
  • Mobile Payments
    The payment for goods & services to a (registered) Merchant via a Mobile Money Account, including retail payments, bill payments and telecom services.
Mobile Bonus
  • Skill Games played on the mobile phone
  • Games played using SMS
  • The player uses his skills to answer simple questions and wins prizes instantly
  • Prizes added to the subscribers accounts as top ups
  • Higher Prizes paid in Cash or kind