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65 years business group

About Eagle Press - Our Identity

Eagle Press Pvt. Ltd. forms an integral part of the renowned Eagle Press Group. Eagle Press Group is known for its 65 years of diversified business activities.

The group's diversions include Diaries & Stationeries, Security Printing, Publishing, Lottery & Gaming Solutions, Information Technology and Non-Conventional Energy. Eagle Press Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in the year 1982 and provides printed instant lottery tickets, lottery management services, online lottery and mobile lottery solutions, thermal paper rolls, play slips for different lotteries, scratch cards for mobile phone operators and magnetic tickets for metro railways and tollgates.


  • To create and deliver intrinsic and extrinsic values for our clients.
  • To construct and nurture good ethical practices, absorb best business practices and inculcate value systems.
  • To obtain and inspire talent, technology and innovation.


  • To develop knowledge intensive products and innovative solutions for highly progressive and strategic areas.
  • To distribute customized services meeting global standards through high quality contemporary technologies.
  • To facilitate capacity building.


  • We always stick to 'customer first' approach ensuring delivery of high quality products & services.
  • We assist our customers to achieve their targets, enhance business performance and accelerate productivity.
  • To uphold highest standards of reliability, respect and trust.

Eagle Press Pvt. Ltd.

Eagle Press Pvt. Ltd. since 1982 has carved a niche in the arena of instant/passive lottery tickets, scratch cards, magnetic tickets, play slips and thermal paper rolls, lottery management services, online lottery and mobile lottery solutions, sports betting and innovative virtual gaming solutions. Our capabilities also include creation & implementation of innovative gaming solutions. Here again, our efforts are underlined by our commitment to be always impeccable in our delivery. An ample proof would be the ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 accreditation from TUV Germany - A well-earned recognition for our quality assurances and controls and additionally certified by World Lottery Association’s Security Control Standard “WLA-SCS:2016”

Our products speak for us. Our satisfied clientele speak for us. Perhaps it's time you speak to us. And get the best.

  Eagle Diaries

Eagle Diaries form a vital part of the comprehensive Eagle Press Group. Started in the year 1956, Eagle Diaries occupy major portion of the global diary market. More than 160 varieties of diaries and versatile note-books are the prestigious products of Eagle Diaries. Eagle Diaries deliver customized diaries that are designed according to customer specifications and needs.

Madras Security Printers Pvt. Ltd.

Madras Security Printers, specialized in the printing of Cash Value Documents for various Government Departments in India and Overseas, is another major milestone of Eagle corporate Group. MSP also deals with large export contracts around the globe.

An elegant combo of tradition and innovation ensures high quality products from MSP. TUV Germany has been pleased to award the meritorious ISO 9002 Accreditation to MSP for printing MICR, non MICR bank security forms, postage stamps, postal stationery, envelopes, computer forms etc.,

Hild Smartech Pvt. Ltd.

Hild Smartech provide the following software services and solutions
  • e-Commerce
  • End-to-end IT
  • IT-enabled Services

Hild Smartech ascertains itself as a paramount institution in providing software products and solutions for Health Care, Micro-Finance, Insurance, Immigration and smart card/ RFID based applications. Hild Smartech develops mobile phone games, online lottery applications and deliver value added services.

Hild Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Solar power sourcing is the answer to the planet's existence and the way towards sustaining the future of humanity & life itself. With over 5,000 trillion KWh of sun light shining on India alone every year, it is time to harness the everlasting source of solar energy to the increasing demands of mankind.

Eagle group has extended its global reach with "Hild Energy" to offer world-class solar power products and solutions for businesses, homes and corporations across the nation. With over 15 years of industry expertise in renewable energy, the company offers Solar Energy Solutions for both Commercial and Residential Needs.

With innovative applications and solutions, Hild empowers you to enrich and energize your organization and helps you drive your vision towards a sustainable future.

Eagle Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Eagle Software India Pvt. Ltd. forms an integral part of the renowned Eagle Corporate Group. The core objective of our company is to build up high-end technologies and knowledge intensive products for security related issues and digital entertainment.

Customer interest and quality assurance are our driving forces.

We develop Smart Card / RFID SolutionsOS and provide solutions for SCOSTA, GSM, and RFID related applications. We develop online mobile phone games, online lottery applications and deliver value added services for mobile phone games.

Hild Defense and Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

Hild Defence and Aerospace Pvt Ltd. Founded in the year 2019, Its ultimate objective is to manufacture and supply its products mainly to Hospitals and for our Indian Army at cheaper price and quality under brand and tag - MADE IN INDIA. Hild AD is capable of manufacturing and provide advanced solutions which covers safety, security and surveillance. Hild AD has innovated technology solutions which integrates surveillance, IoT and other technologies.

We manufacture a complete range of B R Jackets for covert, overt, law enforcement, naval and military usage. The ergonomic shapes are combined with low weights and increased protection areas. All our models are fully customizable and could be upgraded with additional peripheral and hard Armor protection. Using only top quality fabrics and materials we can provide warranty of our products as committed by raw materials vendors. Our products are tested and meet even the most sophisticated customer requirements.

Eagle Realty Foundation Pvt Ltd.

Eagle Realty Foundation is involved in real estate business.
The company focus is on residential and commercial projects.