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Instant Lottery Tickets

Draw Lottery

  • Human nature is to enjoy winning, and lotteries democratize and randomize the chances of success so everyone has a chance.
  • Our production technology has the leading edge capability to deliver an impressive range of customized instant lottery tickets. The latest 17 colour servo instant lottery production line gives us the flexibility to produce complex games at shorter lead time and maintain high security standards.
  • Huge production capacities with 2 inline printing facilities in place and the 3rd most advanced and modern plant to be operational from April 2020 at the Special Economic Zone equipped with a 20 colour latest printing press.
  • To further this we ensure scientific prize distribution that follows no predictable pattern or method. Our method of random prize distribution also gives you the impetus for more effective sales. To top this, a total audit is done to ascertain the accuracy of the number of prizes.

G-Cube Virtual Instant

Virtual Instant Games

Eagle Game Tech revolutionizes gaming with Interactive Electronic Instant - an interface that allows users to play against the system while retaining the feel and excitement of a multiplayer game. With a spectrum of virtual games, it provides endless hours of fun, and instant results.

Advantages :

  • Our G³ multi-platform interface allows players to access the games using smart phones, the internet (online), as well as kiosks.
  • Playing solo against the system, they will get instant results.
  • Introducing addictive, entertaining gaming at the click of your customer's fingers – and greater rewards, each time, for you.

Play Slip & Thermal Paper

Our dedicated team of experts provide impeccable support and services when it comes to online lottery stationery.

We excel in the production of fine quality Play Slips and Thermal Paper rolls ensuring consistent quality and prompt delivery that have found the favour of innumerable clients.

Our in-house R & D team develops high quality products that ensure high precision standards for trouble free performance at online terminals.

Instant Lottery Management Solutions


We have successfully implemented both online and offline Instant lottery Management Solutions. This enables the player to claim the prizes immediately. The lottery has also full control on the winning tickets and avoids over-redemption of prizes.

Our Instant lottery Management Solutions helps to monitor various reports of instant lotteries for the effective improvement of sales and the development of marketing strategies.

The solution includes distributorThe solution includes distributor/retailer information, track sales, inventory control, activation, validation, sales information (region / retailer-wise),etc..

With our in-built technology, we provide holistic Lottery Management Services to ensure the security, easy operation and popularity of your lotteries.

Lottery-based gaming requires a high degree of experience in security and ensuring no compromises occur during the course of the game. With our technology, we provide risk free gaming environment to lottery operators all over the world and attract a larger number of gaming enthusiasts.

We provide comprehensive services which are practiced by lotteries worldwide, such as:

  • Detailed market study
  • Innovative game development
  • Attractive graphic designs
  • Scientific prize structure
  • Research & Development
  • Advices on promotional activities & materials
  • Effective online and offline validation services
  • Systematic inventory management , ordering systems & reporting systems
  • Professional managing and running of lottery

G-Cube Lotto

Lucky numbers & win

Many lottery game players enjoy a variety of online lottery games and lottery operators stand to benefit by making the switch to online platforms. Using G3 unified platform, EPPL offers an attractive online lottery solution comprising intelligent lottery strategy evaluator and an excellent risk management system.

This simple and professional online lottery solution is developed by our technology team - Eagle Game Tech using advanced technologies, and boasts with improved collection management system, generation of detailed statistical reports and secured game tracking and control.

A variety of online lottery games such as Lotto, Power ball, Keno, Pick3 etc…. have been developed by us.

Advantages :

  • Increased ticket sales and profits
  • Easy play and adaptation
  • Error-free ticketing and redemption
  • Increased interaction and excitement
  • Fully secured transactions
  • Complete control on wagering
  • Effective risk mitigation and disaster management
  • Technical and operational support
  • Independent platform solutions
  • A variety of desktop and hand held terminals
  • Value added services such as ticketing, payment of taxes, mobile recharge, etc….

Scratch Cards

Mobile Scratch Cards

Prepaid cards for the Mobile Phones, Prepaid cards for Internet and Telephones. We can deliver them all at the shortest timeline, with ultra - secure data handling and printing which makes them all hacker-proof.

To further the confidentiality we process the cards in one go using in-line production technology, account for every stage of production and pack each card individually. Hence you'll find that none of our cards get seen by any soul until the cards reach the clients. These cards cannot be reused as the numbers cannot be seen without scratching. All scratch cards that we print meet ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified standards.

Unified Gaming Platform


Our G³ multi-platform interface allows players to access the games using Smart phones, the Internet (online) using PCs, laptops, etc., as well as Kiosks .

Advantages :

  • Maximum security ensured via central server
  • Played on Kiosks, Smart phones & Online
  • Mobile apps, developed for iPhones, Android & Windows mobile
  • Complete gaming solutions
  • Exciting instant scratch games
  • Effective MIS
  • Parallel revenue streams for lottery operators
  • Special features of live jackpot by pooling revenues from different platforms

G-Cube Sports Betting

Pre-match or In-Play

Using G3 unified platform we offer Robust Sports Betting Solutions for 24/7 betting

  • Web Based
  • Multi-platform
  • Multiple Sports – Football, Tennis, Horse Racing etc
  • Extensive Reports
  • Risk Management & Monitoring Tools
  • Fully Secured Encrypted Transmission