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Code of Conduct
In the conduct of EPPL's business, the practice of good corporate citizenship is a prerequisite and embraces the following:
Dealing with People in the Organisation
In dealing with each other, directors, senior management and employees shall uphold the values which are at the core of our HR Philosophy - trust, teamwork, mutuality and collaboration, meritocracy, objectivity, self respect and human dignity.
A Gender Friendly Workplace
As a good corporate citizen, EPPL is committed to a gender friendly workplace. It seeks to enhance equal opportunities for men and women, prevent, stop, redress sexual harassment at the workplace and institute good employment practices.
Avoidance of Child Labour
The Company is fully against child labour and does not employ any person below the age of eighteen years. The Company prohibits the use of forced labour. The Company requires it's suppliers & sub-contractors to follow the same policy.
Relationships with Suppliers and Customers
Management and employees shall ensure that in their dealings with suppliers and customers, the Company's interests are never compromised. Accepting gifts and presents will be viewed as serious breach of discipline.
Legal Compliance
It is the Company's policy to comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations. Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is the responsibility of the Management.
Health and Safety
The Company attaches great importance to a healthy and safe work environment. EPPL is committed to provide good physical working conditions and encourages high standards of hygiene and housekeeping.
Environment Policies
The Company believes that commitment to sustainable development is a key component of responsible corporate citizenship and therefore the Company is committed to Best Practices in environmental matters arising out of its business activities and expects each business to fully demonstrate this commitment.
Personal Conduct
Management and employees have the obligation to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and act in the best interest of the Company at all times.
Avoidance of Conflict of Interest
Management and employees must avoid situations in which their personal interest could conflict with the interest of the Company.
Transparency and Auditability
Management and employees shall ensure that their actions in the conduct of business are totally transparent except where the needs of business security dictate otherwise. Such transparency shall be brought about through appropriate policies, systems and processes, including as appropriate, segregation of duties, tiered approval mechanism and involvement of more than one manager in key decisions and maintaining supporting records.
Protection of Confidential Information
Management & Employees shall not disclose or use any confidential information gained in the course of employment.
Company Facilities
Management and employees shall not misuse Company facilities. In the use of Company facilities, care shall be exercised to ensure that costs are reasonable and there is no wastage.
Leading by Example
Management and employees set the professional tone for the Company. Through both their words and their actions, the Company's leadership conveys what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.