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Interactive Electronic Instant
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Eagle Game Tech revolutionizes gaming with Interactive Electronic Instant - an interface that allows users to play against the system while retaining the feel and excitement of a multiplayer game. With a spectrum of virtual games, it provides endless hours of fun, and instant results.
Revolutionary Multiplatform Gaming Experience
Our G³ multiplatform interface allows players to access the games using smart phones, the internet (online), as well as kiosks . Playing solo against the system, they will get instant results. Introducing addictive, entertaining gaming at the click of your customer's fingers – and greater rewards, each time, for you.
  • Maximum security ensured via central server
  • Played on Kiosks, Smart phones & Online
  • Mobile apps. developed for iPhones, Android & Windows mobile
  • Complete gaming solutions
  • Exciting instant scratch games
  • Effective MIS
  • Parallel revenue streams for lottery operators
  • Special features of live jackpot by pooling revenues from different platforms
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